UC Culture Show

A few weekends ago I went to my school's (Universitiy of Cincinnati) annual Culture Show. The theme this year was Africa Unite. We were celebrating African culture through food, dance, fashion, and fellowship. I had so much fun! My close friend, Gika, is the president of UCASA (UC African Student Assosication) and she put it all together.

There was dinner before hand with homemade African food, and then there was the show. My choir performed, a few dance teams performed, my boyfriend recited a spoken word piece, and it was all hosted by the famous African comedian, Chief Obi. To top it all off, there was an after party. I don’t usually go to parties because “trap” music all sounds the same to me, and it’s not very danceable. But, I was convinced that this time there would be African music and this was a party not to miss. For the first time in a long time I actually felt compelled to dance at a party! The music moved me.

The night was one to remember and what made it even more special was what I wore. I asked Asha if I could borrow some pieces from her Afropunk collection since the afrocentric theme of the night coincided perfectly. She readily agreed! Thanks Asha. I felt like I had on the best threads! So many people asked me where I got my outfit from and I was proud to plug Asha’s designs. Speaking of which, shop her new online store HERE.

For the dinner and show I wore the maxi kilt, and red leather crop top. For the after party, my boyfriend and I wore matching His and Hers dashikis. His was a shirt, and mine a dress. I carried a clutch from Asha as well. Twas a great night filled with food, fashion, dancing, and best of all MELANIN. #BlackIsBeautiful

Niyah Jackson is a blogger, model, aspiring stylist, and fashion design student living in Cincinnati, OH. You can follow her @inexpensivechic And visit her personal fashion blog here http://inexpensivechic.com

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