Project Runway All Stars Recap: Episode 1+2

Two Thursdays ago was the season premiere of Project Runway All Stars. It's surreal to think just two years ago I was on Project Runway's Under the Gunn! Some of the my best moments on Under the Gunn were designing for Zendaya, the unconventional beach challenge, and being a finalist. I am excited to share with you all my journey on All Stars. Let's get into the recap...

Episode 1 | What Makes an All Star

The Challenge: Use the moment in your life when you realized you were destined to become a designer as inspiration for your look.

What I Designed: I wanted to go with something that was reminiscent of my African heritage combined with the idea of modern day royalty without being too obvious about it. So, I chose to create a black, pleather, dress with a cutout in the center that had tribal lines.

Feedback: Demetri said he designed a dress with a similar silhouette. While I am appreciative of the critiques, I stand by my design & am not familiar with his body of work. I LOVED my dress, and we now carry a similar version of the dress in our shop coming soon.

Rank: I was in the bottom 3, but ultimately safe

Episode 2 | Let it Flow

We were taken to the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater with the instructions to pay close attention to how the dancer's clothing moved as they performed.

The Challenge: Create a design that showcases how fabric can move on the body and through the air. For added drama, there will be a wind machine on the runway.

What I Designed:

Feedback: When Zanna came around to give her feedback before the runway, she said "I see elegance, I don't see drama." So I made sure to test it out in the wind machine and make the necessary adjustments. It was displayed beautifully on the runway!

Rank: I was safe

Both challenges were a success in my eyes, especially the second one because working with flowy fabrics is not my forte. Stay tuned for upcoming episode recaps, and don't forget to watch Project Runway All Stars TONIGHT on Lifetime at 9/8c.

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